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At FX Animation Barcelona 3D &Film School we offer a broad educational path for businesses nationwide and internationally. Because we understand your employees' time is key to your productivity, we create personalised courses so that your employees can receive training in the areas they need. Moreover, we adapt to your special situations: the courses can be carried out both at our school as well as at your business facilities, in-person or online. As an added value, you’ll have post-course technical support whenever you need it to guarantee the success of the training, from which you will obtain immediate results.

FX Animation offers the following services according to each business structure:

Take advantage of the FUNDAE Bonuses to subsidise your course: We’ll handle it
All businesses receive a credit for the training of employees derived from a percentage of their contributions to social security.
FX Animation helps you with the paperwork necessary to reclaim your course via FUNDAE (previously tripartite foundation) and contribute to the professional development of your employees with minimal investment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!
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Personalised training

We offer the chance to receive training personalised to your needs, both on an educational level as well as on a business level. FX Animation faculty will study your areas of technical improvement and offer you tailored training to achieve immediate results in the disciplines needed. We give you the chance to choose how you want the training to be: in-person or online, in streaming, at our installations or at your own. Along with the course, we offer consulting services your business regarding work methods and technical support for the implementation of softwares, such as 3DS-Max, V-Ray, Forest Pack, RailClone, Unreal, Photoshop, After Effects or Nuke X.

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Production: architectural visualisation

FX Animation can become your ally to achieve success in your key projects. We offer the chance to develop photorealistic renders to create images or 3D infographics and create Virtual Reality scenes for architecture and interior design businesses. We have highly experienced professionals who are certified in the latest and most commonly used softwares in the industry and, on request, we are able to create entirely 3D projects from the client’s images with optimal quality and in record time.

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Headhunter or HR Recruitment

If as a company you struggle when selecting a technical profile and you need help with the process, at FX Animation we can help you. As educators, we know very well the skills that a candidate should present for specific areas and what performance he/she is capable of offering, whether on the employee or internship level.

As a requirement, since we take this job very seriously, you must define the tasks and profile you require so that we can find appropriate candidates for your needs. In the event that you need an intern, which must always be remunerated, you’ll be offering the possibility of a future incorporation into the workplace and you’ll be establishing an educational collaboration agreement.

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